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Laura Biagiotti, born in Rome under the sign of Leo, is one of Italy’s greatest fashion designers.

Laura Biagiotti’s interest in fashion began in the Sixties when she followed in the footsteps of her mother Delia Soldaini Biagiotti, the founder of a fashion atelier.

Laura Biagiotti is famous around the globe for her extraordinary fashions: the New York Times dubbed her the “Queen of Cashmere” due to her love for this precious yarn that she has used since her first collection with a refined, unusual approach, evolving into a dimension of style unheard of at the time.

Each year Biagiotti Group presents over 70 fashion and accessories collections such as the pret-à-porter line Laura Biagiotti, the junior line Laura Biagiotti Dolls, and lingerie, handbags and leather goods, sunglasses and optical eyewear, scarves, umbrellas, hosiery, hats, men shirts, footwear and home collection.

Laura Biagiotti is considered the Ambassadress of the Italian Fashion around the world, for having started commercial and cultural relationships in many countries.